Click here to download the VAT Form.

There is a $3.00/18 NOK processing fee for each PAGE (30 receipts) submitted.


VATWhat is the VAT?

  • The VAT or Value Added Tax is a 25% tax added to all purchases in Norway with the exception of food & books. Books are tax exempt.

What is the VAT relief program?

  • The VAT refund program is a program for non-tax paying residents to receive back their 25% tax on items purchased in Norway. This program is mandated by the SOFA agreement.

What can I claim on my VAT?

  • You may claim non-consumable items. This includes, but is not limited to: household goods, vehicle parts, clothing, toys, and electronics. Contact 426 ABS Force Support with questions.

What can I NOT claim on my VAT?

  • You may NOT claim any consumable items. This includes, but is not limited to: food, beauty products, light bulbs, paper or service/labor fees. The basic idea is if you cannot PCS with it then you cannot claim it.

How long will it take for me to receive my VAT claim?

  • The average VAT claim is 3 to 6 months to be deposited into your personal account.

Where do I get the VAT forms?

  • You can click on the link at the top of this page or download it here:VAT Form. After completion of the form, return it to the 426 ABS Force Support office with $3/18 NOK and the process will begin.

How do I claim my final VAT refund before I PCS?

Your final VAT claim must be processed no later than 7 days before your departure. When you PCS out of Norway you have two options for the deposit of your final VAT refund.

  • Option 1: Leave your Norwegian bank account open. When you receive your final payment you can close out your account with the bank.
  • Option 2: Leave your US checking account number, routing number and the bank's IBAN Number and Swift Nurmber or BIC (Bank Indicator Code) Number. You should be aware that there will be FEES from the US bank for this process.

How is a VAT Claim processed?

  • The customer submits the VAT form, receipts, and $3/18 NOK to 426 ABS Force Support.
  • 426 ABS Force Support verifies the request and then forwards the information to JWC BUDFIN.
  • JWC BUDFIN forwards the request for refund to the Norwegian officials.
  • The Norwegian officials provide payment to the JWC BUDFIN.
  • JWC BUDFIN coordinates the payment to the customer's bank account that is listed on the VAT form.


Important VAT Notes
The customer must ensure:

  • Receipts are numbered and in the exact order as on the VAT Form.
  • Verify that the amount claimed matches the amount on the receipts.
  • Receipts should be stabled to the reverse side of the form. Lost receipts will be deducted from the claim.
  • Books are tax exempt and cannot be claimed.
  • The bank account number must be YOUR bank account. It is where the money will be refunded to.
  • As soon as you make a purchase, write what each item is (in English) on the receipt so you can remember what it is you are claiming a VAT refund for.
  • Receipts written by hand or that do not have the VAT percentage or the VAT value on them cannot be included in the VAT report.
  • Receipts must include the supplier’s fiscal number (MVA no.)

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