Click here to download the VAT Form.

There is a $3.00/18 NOK processing fee for each PAGE (30 receipts) submitted.

VATWhat is the VAT?

  • The VAT or Value Added Tax is a 25% tax added to all purchases in Norway with the exception of food & books. Books are tax exempt.

What is the VAT relief program?

  • The VAT refund program is a program for non-tax paying residents to receive back their 25% tax on items purchased in Norway. This program is mandated by the SOFA agreement.

What can I claim on my VAT?

  • You may claim non-consumable items. This includes, but is not limited to: household goods, vehicle parts, clothing, toys, and electronics. Contact 426 ABS Force Support with questions.

What can I NOT claim on my VAT?

  • You may NOT claim any consumable items. This includes, but is not limited to: food, beauty products, light bulbs, paper or service/labor fees. The basic idea is if you cannot PCS with it then you cannot claim it.

How long will it take for me to receive my VAT claim?

  • The average VAT claim is 3 to 6 months to be deposited into your personal account.

Where do I get the VAT forms?

  • You can click on the link at the top of this page or download it here:VAT Form. After completion of the form, return it to the 426 ABS Force Support office with $3/18 NOK and the process will begin.

How do I claim my final VAT refund before I PCS?

Your final VAT claim must be processed no later than 7 days before your departure. When you PCS out of Norway you have only one option for the deposit of your final VAT refund.

  • Option : Leave your Norwegian bank account open. When you receive your final payment you can close out your account with the bank remotely.

How is a VAT Claim processed?

  • The customer submits the VAT form, receipts, and $3/18 NOK to 426 ABS Force Support.
  • 426 ABS Force Support verifies the request and then forwards the information to JWC BUDFIN.
  • JWC BUDFIN forwards the request for refund to the Norwegian officials.
  • The Norwegian officials provide payment to the JWC BUDFIN.
  • JWC BUDFIN coordinates the payment to the customer's bank account that is listed on the VAT form.


Important VAT Notes
The customer must ensure:

  • Receipts are numbered and in the exact order as on the VAT Form.
  • Verify that the amount claimed matches the amount on the receipts.
  • Receipts should be stabled to the reverse side of the form. Lost receipts will be deducted from the claim.
  • Books are tax exempt and cannot be claimed.
  • The bank account number must be YOUR bank account. It is where the money will be refunded to.
  • As soon as you make a purchase, write what each item is (in English) on the receipt so you can remember what it is you are claiming a VAT refund for.
  • Receipts written by hand or that do not have the VAT percentage or the VAT value on them cannot be included in the VAT report.
  • Receipts must include the supplier’s fiscal number (MVA no.)

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